Planning vacations in 2022 is going to be essential so that spending does not skyrocket: we help you do it
Updated 2023/10/04 at 2:40 PM

The holidays are just around the corner, if you are one of the lucky ones who enjoy them in the summer months. But this year there are curves ahead. Because inflation is skyrocketing , and the offers are no longer so offers.

Come on, it’s going to be time to loosen your pocket, because between the prices of one thing, those of gasoline and others , the vacations are going to go out for a peak… or not. It all depends on the planning .

And we want to help you in this task, since planning is something we like, and more when it comes to pockets. How not to go bankrupt on vacation in 2022? Let’s see it.

Budget, like it or not

It is something that in Spain we do not like to do very much, but for this summer we should do it. A budget allows us to define the expense in detail and not have unpleasant surprises when we return.

The budget allows us to see what we can spend and on what, since it is important to distribute it well according to our preferences. There are people who want to travel to an exotic place but not spend much on accommodation and food, and others it is the other way around.

Therefore, with the budget you will be able to assign an amount to each thing to have everything well covered.

It is advisable to always leave a contingency fund within this budget, because it can always happen. That the car breaks down, that they cancel a plane, that you have to take another hotel or buy I don’t know what… That fund should account for around 20% of the budget.

Car, yes or no?

In a context of historical gasoline prices, many are asking the big question: do I go out with my car this summer or do I opt for public transport? The answer is: make accounts .

If you are going to a fixed destination and you are hardly going to move from there, do not hesitate to leave the car at home. Public transportation may be a more affordable alternative . But if what you want is to visit different places or make a route, you will have to use the private vehicle.

Of course, try to fill up at gas stations in the interior (they are cheaper) and plan your trips well so as not to have an extra cost in fuel.

Hotel, hostel, Airbnb…

In a summer with everything so expensive, it is advisable to spend some time looking for accommodation . All prices are higher than they were a year ago, so you’re going to have to be very careful about how much you can spend on accommodation and look for the best options.

As always, the sooner this is done, the better . Prices are always cheaper in advance. And, very importantly, contract with reimbursement, because if you finally cancel the trip or find something that suits your needs more, you do not lose money. The ideal is to book with the possibility of paying at the accommodation and with free cancellation (at least until the day before arrival).

I have a house on the beach, am I going to save more?

This was always the most popular option to spend a good vacation without spending a lot, but nothing guarantees it this year in which everything has gone up. Stocking the fridge is going to cost you more, and on top of that, the supplies are also more expensive.

Before arriving, you should check the electricity and energy contracts well , because you may be able to find better options than the one you have now. It is important to control spending also in this second residence, because if we are not attentive to the small details, it can even become more expensive than going out.

Plan well the weeks you are going to stay and if you want your holidays to be paid, rent the apartment for the weeks you are not going to use it. Something that many people do with this second residence.

Control group expenses

And if the trip is in a group and each one pays their own but there is a common fund, now we have a multitude of applications to divide and control those expenses, because then there is always someone who slips away and another who puts in more.

Likewise, even if you are not traveling in a group, you can use these apps to control your spending and keep your budget there.

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